Over the years, the type of content that customers have grown to expect from companies has significantly changed, thanks to the evolution of SEO. More and more companies are recognizing that SEO is the only way that new clients and customers can find them on the Internet. There are dozens of tactics that one can employ in order to drive more traffic to their website– one of them being videos. The dawn of SEO video marketing is upon us, and you can join the throngs of successful businessmen by following the tips below!

Use your videos to solve problems and to inform.

Since videos are becoming more and more prominent in SEO, you need to figure out how to get above your competitors. One way that your rankings can significantly improve is by creating videos that not only solve problems, but provide the latest information in your industry. Fortunately for you, great content is quite easy to produce!

Before you begin creating your videos, make sure you ask yourself a simple question: what are some obstacles or problems that my intended audience regularly faces? How can I show them a better way to reach their goals?

Make sure your videos contain interactive elements.

Whenever someone decides to watch your video, it provides the perfect opportunity for you to get them to click something or guide them towards the next step. Interactive elements for your videos may include simple things like surveys, links, quizzes or online forms that drive your viewers to commit to a certain form of action. A good example is creating a how-to video that asks viewers to click inside of your business app and employ what they’ve learned.

Employ the use of transcriptions for your videos.

Believe it or not, but transcriptions of your videos can have great impact on your search rankings. A recent study has shown that in just three short weeks, videos can rank on the first page of Yahoo or Bing by using transcriptions. Not only are transcriptions fairly easy to produce, but they offer viewers the ability to scan or read the information if they’re unable to listen to your videos at that time.

SEO video marketing has become an integral part of modern marketing trends. Not only are videos fun to produce and inexpensive, but they yield fantastic results when it comes to your search engine rankings. Hopefully, this article has allowed you to see some of the leading industry tactics that businesses of all sizes are employing for success!