Do you want to bypass the “Great Firewall of China” and have the ability to surf restricted websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail? If you answered yes, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with a VPN or virtual private network. A VPN is usually used to boost a private or public network’s privacy and security. It also comes in handy if you don’t want your data to get lost or stolen. But when it comes to the topic at hand, a VPN service also proves useful for bypassing website restrictions. In this resource, you’ll learn some tips on how to select the best VPN in China.

Whether you’re living in or just travelling to China, it can prove annoying to deal with its “Great Firewall.” It’s an enormous internet filter implemented by the government to restrict access to several websites. According to reports, more than 2,600 websites are currently blocked in China by the Great Firewall. This number continues to increase by the day.

With a simple search online, you will find plenty of VPN services that promise to help you bypass the “Great Firewall.” However, the first thing you should keep in mind is that not all of these services are created equal. There are plenty of factors that make a particular service better than the others. Of course, the two primary factors two look at are safety and speed.

A virtual private network should be able to protect your identity on the web. The last thing you want is to use a service that won’t be able to hide your activities. For this reason, it’s recommended to look for an SSL-secured network with the highest possible encryption technology. You should also look for a VPN with several servers from different countries. Through this, you will have plenty of choices in case you need to do a lot of traveling.

When it comes to speed, there are VPN services that offer unlimited bandwidth and speed. Many will claim that they do so, but you may want to read their terms and conditions carefully. Remember that choosing a server close to your location provides the best user experience.

If you don’t want to experience any major hiccups, it’s highly recommended that you go for a paid VPN service. The free ones probably wouldn’t meet your needs in terms of safety and speed. The good news is that most providers offer a free trial or a money back guarantee. This enables you to try and find the best VPN in China without worrying about wasting your hard-earned money.