Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is synonymous with Google and for good reason. If you are an Essex marketer and are able to please Google, the other search engines will follow suit and start sending traffic to your website.

What many Essex marketers never realize is that the second most popular search engine can be just as lucrative. If you would like to try out optimization for a different search engine, here are step-by-step instructions for developing a Bing SEO strategy according to experts in SEO Essex.

1. Website Registration

If you would like to ascend to the top of Bing’s rankings, the first thing that you should do is register your website. Simply open your free Bing Webmaster Tools account and then wait for your website to be indexed.

2. Strong Title Tags

Titles are usually the first thing that readers notice. The importance of title tags on a web page is no different from those found on books. Bing is particularly appreciative of properly crafted title tags. Ensure that you title each page properly and that the title tags contain relevant keywords.

3. Powerful Content

While this might seem obvious, many websites that actually get low ranking usually have poor-quality and irrelevant content. Make it a priority to create great content. In terms of SEO, Bing puts great emphasis on the adequacy of text as well as how properly it is optimized.

4. Exact Keywords

When it comes to keywords, Bing has a reputation for being quite literal. It focuses on headers, title tags, and anchor text. If you would like to rank highly in Bing, try avoiding terms with broad meaning and instead try using exact keywords.

5. Social Media

Bing places great emphasis on social media. Your social media presence is another reason for the search engine to reward you with high rankings. Bing even uses data from the social media platforms sometimes and integrates it into its search results.

The Bottom Line

Since Bing was launched, it has enjoyed significant growth on the global search market with a market share of over 10 percent. If you would like to conquer Bing and rise to the top of its rankings, you should follow the 5 tips discussed here from experts in SEO Essex.

Once you conquer Bing, you will be stronger and better prepared to win Google in the future. If you find all this to be too hard to handle on your own, you should consider hiring a competent SEO agency in Essex.